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Desktop - Guests

Invite guest

If you want to add an external person to a case for a short period of time, you can create a guest account for this person. This guest will then only have limited access and will only be able to view the case to which you have added him or her.

Generate invitation

To invite a guest, switch to the „Guests“ tab in the main navigation. Here you get an overview of all persons who use the Remote Support application as a guest. To invite a new guest via e-mail, click on „Invite guest“ in the upper right corner of the screen. Afterwards a window will open. Please fill in all empty fields here.

Send invitation via SMS

You have the additional option here to add a mobile phone number to send a direct invitation via SMS to the person you want to invite as a guest.

Invite guest to an existing case

You can add your guest to an existing case or create a new case directly during the invitation process. To create a new case, simply click on „Create new case“ and give your case a suitable case title.

Set period

Since a guest account can only be used for a limited time, in this step you specify the number of days for which you want to add the person as a guest. After this time, the account will be automatically deactivated. If you successfully terminate the collaboration earlier, you can also deactivate the guest account manually.

User defined period

If the appropriate number of days is not specified, you can also select a custom period for guest access. To do this, simply click on „custom“ and click on the day in the calendar on which the guest access is to be terminated.

Send invitation

In the last step, you only have to save your entries. The person will now receive an invitation by e-mail or, if you have entered the mobile phone number, by SMS.


Desktop - Guests

Send guest invitation via SMS

Start directly via the SMS

If you send a guest invitation by SMS, the recipient can open the application directly in the browser via the link in the SMS. The link is valid for 24h. If the guest user wants to use his account for the duration you specify, he must set a password.

Hint: iPhone users have to download the app, as the use in the browser is restricted. The link in the SMS will guide the recipient step-by-step through the app download and login.


Desktop - Guests

Manage guest account

View, create or deactivate guest account

Go to the „Guest“ tab in the main navigation to get an overview of all your „Guests“. In addition to active guests, you can also view deactivated guests here, to whom you can send a new invitation if necessary without having to enter the data again. You can deactivate a guest account at any time. To do so, simply click on the three dots in the right margin next to the guest’s name and then click on „End guest account“.


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