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Basics of the Smartglass App for the Realwear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1

Speech recognition of HMT1
The HMT1 works with speech recognition in English. Instead of pressing or touching a button on the screen, you only have to speak the corresponding command. All commands in a view are displayed on the screen. The HMT1 uses the latest noise cancellation and speech recognition technologies and works even in a noisy environment. You can select the respective function by speaking the command. For example, the initial screen has three large icons with corresponding application names. To access these applications, you can say the application name and the corresponding screen will be displayed.
Global Commands

The HMT1 is equipped with an Android operating system. As a replacement for the „home button“ or the „back button“ that you know from your Android smartphone, there are the so-called global commands. To go back to the main menu, say the voice command „navigate Home“. To go back one step, say „navigate Back“. With these voice commands you navigate through the menu and the programs.

Navigation and opening menu items

In most menus, small numbers are displayed at the different functions and menu items. To call up the respective menu item, simply say „Select item“ and the corresponding number. For example, if the menu item you want to call up has the number 4, you can select this menu item with the voice command „Select item four“.

A comprehensive user manual of the HMT1 can be found in the manufacturer’s user guide:

Optionally, you can also set up or control the HMT1 via your computer. Simply connect the HMT1 to your computer using the micro USB port and start the RealWear Explorer:


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