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Desktop - First Steps

Activate RISE user account and log in

Before you can log in to the app, you need a personal user account. If a personal account has been approved for you by your organization, you will receive an invitation email from us to activate your account.
Set password
Click on „Set password“ to create a personal password and activate your account.
Set password

Enter your desired password and activate your account.

Install software

If you want to download the desktop app, click on „RISE Desktop“.

Then either download the desktop app or log in directly using the Google Chrome browser at

Final download

With your personal account you can log in on any device. You can find the dedicated applications for the supported devices on our homepage at:

Now click on „Download“ to download the desktop app.


Now enter your email address and personal password to log in to the app.


Desktop - First Steps

Home page and main menu

The division into cases

In the application, we distinguish between open and archived cases. In this overview, you will find all cases that are open for you. To access an open case, click on the case name. Here you can communicate with your colleagues and collaborate effectively. If you want to view a closed case, you need to click on the Archive tab.

For more information about the functions within an opened case, click here.


In this tab you will find all archived cases and can search for specific cases directly using the filter function. With the help of the archive, the knowledge from processed cases can be made available to all employees and solutions to comparable problems can be found more quickly.

More information about the functions within the archive can be found here.

In this section you have the possibility to add external employees and clients to specific cases. You can create new guest accounts, manage existing accounts and reactivate former accounts.

For more information on the Guest Section features, click here.


Desktop - First Steps

My profile

As a user, you have your own profile in the app, which you can customize at any time. You can create a profile picture, change your previous profile picture, set a new password, turn notifications on/off or simply choose a new system language.

Switch to profile

Click on your avatar or profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen to open the menu window. Afterwards select „My Profile“. Here you can upload a profile picture, change the system language and make other personal changes, such as changing your password.

Create profile picture

To add a profile picture to your profile, click on „Create profile picture“. Then take a photo with your camera or upload an existing photo.

Change password

Under the menu item „Password“, you can change your password.

Enable and disable notifications

Click on Notifications to activate them. We recommend to leave the email notifications active. If you are not logged in, you will still receive an email notification.

Change system language

Click on „Language“ to change the system language of the app.


Desktop - First Steps


View new notifications

As soon as you receive a new message in a case, a red icon appears in the case overview, showing you the number of new messages. Click on the respective case to enter the activities and view your new messages. You will also get an additional notification at the top right of the screen. Under the bell you will find your new messages bundled together. Clicking on the respective notification will take you to the case in which the message was written.

Mark messages as read

If you want to mark unread messages as read, all you have to do is click the right check mark.


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